Thursday, July 31, 2014

A PUMPKIN NAMED LILLY - 56 Limericks for Kids is now available on Amazon!

A PUMPKIN NAMED LILLY is the second book in Randy Imwalle's 56 LIMERICKS FOR KIDS series, following A PIRATE NAMED MOLLY. A PUMPKIN NAMED LILLY contains 56 all-new limericks. The limericks range from the traditional There Once Was A Boy Named Josh to the nursery-rhyme inspired The First Piggy Went To The Store. Holiday limericks include A Pumpkin Named Lilly. Riddle limericks include I'm Green When I Pop In The Spring. 

Many of the limericks are impertinent, it goes with the genre. Some end in tragedy, while others are nonsense. All of the limericks will make a kid think - about words, about choices, and about consequences. 

Also included are a How-To-Write-A-Limerick Guide and a Rhyming-Word Cheat Sheet. These two tools make writing limericks easy and fun for kids and adults - Randy uses the Cheat Sheet every day!

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