Saturday, December 17, 2016

An Elf Named Rory - Christmas Limerick Poem for Kids

There was a vain elf named Rory
Who wanted to hog all the glory
He claimed with much noise
That he made all the toys
But we know that wasn't the story.

The Reason for the Season - A Christmas Limerick

I hope that your Christmas is merry
And your jolly St. Nick is hairy
But remember the reason 
For this joyous season
Is Jesus, and Joseph, and Mary.

From A Pirate Named Molly, copyright 2013, Randy Imwalle

Friday, December 9, 2016

Santa Is Checking His List - Christmas Limerick for Kids

A father told his son to go, go, go,
To his room to clean it but no, no, no,
The boy, he refused,
And the dad, not confused,
Said, "I guess that there'll be no ho, ho, ho!"